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November 10, 2009


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Shannon Williams

beautiful shots! you really know how to make someone super pregnant look amazing...i know...i was one of them! congrats to Lisa! Love the name Reed. (that's my brothers name)

Stephanie Howard

These are beautiful!! Lisa is beautiful and you are an amazing photographer. One of these days I am going to get up there and have you take pictures of my family.

Keri Harrison

wow beautiful of Lisa. Cindy the locations are so fun. I love the sign let the good times grow. super great for a pregnancy shot.

Robyn Hansen

What beautiful pictures of a beautiful person. Cindy you do beautiful photography and have the funnest ideas. I agree with Keri on the Let the good times grow. Awesome


Great pics, Cindy. You're not so bad yourself!


beautiful shots, cindy!!


Ahh Cin,
What a sweet post. You made me cry. You know I feel the same way about you. What a beautiful person you are. And you bring out the same beauty in your pictures. You make us feel beautiful. I'm so thankful you took these pictures. Most preggo women aren't feeling so pretty when they are at the end and are so filled up with so much baby. But it is a beautiful experience to be pregnant and have that sweet little baby growing inside of you. I always want to remember this time with my sweet little Reed inside of me. I am so glad you picked me up and took me shopping to get some cute funky clothes and let me borrow your jewelry and practice shoes! And the picture taking adventure was so much fun! It reminded me of something we would have done with Maria! (Maybe a little on the dangerous side huh!) :)
I love you sis. Thanks for the fun memory and all you have done for me this pregnancy! XOXO

Christina Picker

These are so beautiful I have tears in my eyes. Really I do. Lisa is Amazing I agree, and so are you Cindy!

Melody (Harrison) Feist

I thoroughly enjoyed the tribute to Lisa (It's all true; I agree) and the gorgeous pics. You are tremendously talented, Cindy! It's so fun to see your work. Mmmm... Lisa's response makes me miss Maria. I've been thinking a lot about all you girls lately. Love you.

By the by, most women could only WISH to look so hot when they are "about to pop." Gorgeous. GORGEOUS!


Spencer says, "whoo whoo movie star!" and I say you look beautiful Lees!

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