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April 01, 2009


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Michelle Cook

You are so funny Cindy! I loved the video! I can't believe how big Cooper is! Sorry, no April Fooling for me this year...so out of character! There's always next year! :)


Cindy ok this year I totally fooled my family. I served them cupcakes and icecream for dinner (Robbie even fell for it) but it was really meatloaf with colored mashed potatoes on them and mashed potatoes and gravy. Then for dessert we had sushi and mashed potatoes and gravy which was really rice crispies with gummy worms, rolled up in a fruit roll up. Kylie was so cute, she looked at me and said what is sushi and I said fish, she said ok well I don't really like fish but I'll try it. Then after she took a bite she said, it's not fish it's gummies!!! I don't know how to attach a photo, or I would add one.


Hey CIn,
Funny video. Cute picture. I didn't do anything fun for April fools day this year. What a ninny! I like Tiffany's idea though. I might try that next year...or sometime sooner!
I love you! Lisa

Kerri Elam

Hi, Cindy. Love the movie picture of Cooper. So cute. Michelle told me about your contest. Check out my April Fools dinner at elamentary.blogspot.com


Ahhhh! Cindy, I don't know if you remember me, but this is Sara Anderson from Florida, now Sara Lines. The crazy thing is that you took my sister and brother in law's adoption pictures (Trevor and Brianne Lines) with their sweet little baby girl Lily and her cute birthmom, Cami. I was blog hopping and it clicked who you are. Your pictures are gorgeous!! We have a blog too, and I am on facebook so look me up, if you remember me and feel so inclined.

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